I received a response back from my inquiry about the Animal Welfare MSc at UBC. One of the major things they look for in candidates is some research background, of which I have none. My BA did not require that kind of research – it was more reading set items, thinking critically about them, and then writing papers. I emailed back asking for any ideas as to how I could get some experience, along with a request to volunteer some time on one of the current research projects about aggression in dogs. Not only would that allow me to start to meet people in the program and get research experience but it is obviously an area that I am interested in, what with Maia and all. So we’ll see. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. blitzkriegx says:

    Good luck! I can see you being an amazing candidate for the program..and once I’m ready, you can give me advice XD

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