Tonight was the last clicker class that I am taking Bosco to for the next while. Unfortunately it is too expensive to continue doing the class. If Dana taught independently (and closer, while I’m dreaming) then I would do it in a heartbeat. She is, however, going to be teaching beginners Rally-O, and I will be looking into prices for that course.

We were the only ones at class tonight and so I offered Maia to the assistant trainer (I can’t remember her name) while I worked with Bosco. Maia did really well, although she kept one eye and one ear cocked in my direction and did have a tendency to wander over to me for a quick kiss for reassurance. She hasn’t ever worked with anyone else, other than Dana doing some quick stuff with her at agility class, so it was neat for me to watch her working.

My focus with Bosco will be to try to straighten out his ‘down’, as he tends to roll to one hip and then not want to get back up to a sit. We are also working on understanding that the same hand signal for sit means get into that position from whatever position he is in. He sits beautifully from a stand but won’t move unless lured from a down.

We went up to Bunzen Lake today with Simon and Farley the Doodle, and played in the snow. Watching dogs chase and catch snowballs is always a riot. And the mountains were gorgeous once the cloud cover moved off. There are supposed to be flurries tomorrow and I hope the snow sticks for when I am off work because walking on the dykes in the snow is always fun.

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