I was so productive today!

  • I slept in
  • I cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom
  • I swept, vacuumed, and swiffered all the floors in my house, including the stairs
  • I took the dogs for a two hour wander on the dykes
  • I did four loads of laundry
  • I ran the dishwasher, cleaned off the counters in the kitchen, and cleaned the fridge (as in, took out every shelf and washed it – oh, and I got rid of all the science experiments that were growing in there, too)

I so love my house when it’s clean. I wish I was more of a clean-as-you-go type person at home (I am like that at work) and could maintain my house in its present state of loveliness but unfortunately there will be dust bunnies of dog hair rolling around in the corners by tomorrow.

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