I treated myself to an early tax return present (although I haven’t actually filed my taxes yet) and bought myself a Kindle! I ordered it on Feb 25 and it arrived today – I am impressed! So far I have downloaded one book (Bleak House, by Charles Dickens – I’m watching a tv serial of it right now and loving it) and the reading experience is really great. Although I am the type of person who will read the back of the cereal box just to read something!

I wanted to wait until I had it to decide what kind of case I want for it but since I plan to carry it around in my purse I am leaning towards a hard case rather than a neoprene sleeve. However, I’m going to do some research and see if I can get away with a sleeve because they come in really fun designs.

Now I just have to find some free books and get my stand-by, can always pick them up and read them no matter what books downloaded and I’ll be ready to go.

Whee Kindle!

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