I sucked it up and went to agility, mostly because I needed my Seven love for the week. The big lesson (the one Dana supervised) was pushing to obstacles and rear crosses on the flat. We also worked on 2x2s for weaves. Maia and I are up to having two sets of 2x2s, both angled about 60′ from where they will be eventually. She was working for balls again this class, which still amazes me as we have been doing agility for over a year and she has only just started wanting to work for toys. She still doesn’t quite get that there are rules to ‘ball’ and just wants to run when I have it, but I am enforcing the Premack principle (you do what I want, then you get what you want) and she is driving much harder towards obstacles. She missed the second set of 2x2s a few times so she still doesn’t understand 100% what the criteria is, but I do have hope that one day she will be able to weave.

She’s still totally freaked out by the bang of the teeter. *sigh* Emma is teaching Seven to do running contacts now, so she had the teeter board slightly raised at one end and was having Seven drive off the end after treats. It made a slight banging sound and Maia had her ears back and her unhappy face on when we were doing the 2x2s at the same time, because they were right next to each other. She still was driving for the ball, and I know if I were only giving her treats she would have stopped working, but it’s so frustrating that she has acquired this HUGE fear of the bangy board.

Anyway, now I’m home. I just ate my second fast food meal of the day, I’m sore all over as if I have been doing strenuous work (but I haven’t), and oh yeah – I split my pants at work today so I have to go pants shopping tomorrow.

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