This last week of work really kicked my ass. My feet are so sore that I am limping around my house, and my hamstrings and glutes are sore and achy. No reason for it – I’m doing the same amount of exercising that I always do.

I took the dogs up to the lake today but I didn’t feel like walking very far so I threw sticks into the water instead. Maia chases the stick and swims out to get it. Bosco waits on the shore for Maia to get close, then steals the stick from her and runs away with it, trying to get her to play tug. He’ll drop it and move away a pace or two but as soon as she gets close, he grabs it up again and takes off. Eventually he gets bored with this and drops the stick for good, and then Maia swoops in and retrieves it, and brings it ‘back’ to me. In quotes because she generally drops it ten feet or so from me. It’s like she feels that I should have to fetch the stick as well!

Bosco is hilarious when he does actually go swimming. Generally he likes to stay where his feet can touch the bottom but sometimes he will swim after the stick. He reminds me of a toddler learning to swim, when they have are very splashy because they haven’t learned how to be graceful in the water yet. His front paws often break the surface of the water like he’s almost treading water instead of swimming. Silly boy makes me laugh.

It’s official that I will be looking after Seven for a week. Emma is excited for her speuter trip and relieved that he can come to me, his favourite auntie who will smoosh him with love the whole time she’s gone. :D

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