Doggy Daycare + First Aid

The interview went really well, and I am going in on Tuesday morning to do a short shadow-shift, to see if the job is something I want to do. It doesn’t pay much, and with the amount I’ll be paying in gas to get there it really won’t be paying well, but it’s more about starting to work with dogs and getting some experience in the industry rather than the pay cheque.

I did a Pet First Aid course last Sunday, through Walks ‘N’ Wags. Bosco came along and acted as one of the ‘victims’. He got bandaged and splinted, his vital signs checked, and a full head to toe to tail performed on him, and he was a trooper. He even got his own certificate, stating that he ‘survived a Pet First Aid course’. I’m going to frame it and hang it up with Maia’s CGN certificate. I passed with 98% *toot toot* <- that’s me, blowing my own horn 😉

And I got the chance to buy some extra stuff for my first aid kit, at wholesale prices. I got extra gauze pads and wraps, some medical tape, and a few tensor bandages. The next thing to do is to make a small portable kit that I can take on walks with me. After hearing some of the stories that our instructor had to tell (she ran a dog walking business for 10 years) I don’t want to be caught without supplies! And I highly urge everyone to consider doing the same.

I’ll close this out with some pictures of my handsome boy.

foot wrap

Bosco with his hind foot wrapped.

Head wrap

Getting his ear and head wrapped by Anna, while I laugh in the background.


Graduates, with our certificates! The lens is smudgy on the bottom left because a dog snuffled it. *love*

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  1. Brigette says:

    Congrats! 🙂 I’ve taken a pet first aid course through St. John Ambulance and it was great. I’ve looked at the Walks ‘n’ Wags one, which I’ll take someday, but because it was so dog-focused, I thought the St. John one might be better (I, too, run a dog walking / pet sitting business).

    I’m excited for you about the new job! Good luck and I hope it works out great!

    PS – I’m not a total creepy Internet stalker, I promise. *lol* I know donnamatrix. 🙂

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