Gosh I haven’t posted in forever.

Lets see. In the past month and a bit, I had Seven come stay with me for a week and Farley the Labradoodle stay for two of those nights, bringing the total number of Hounds Abounding* to four. It was a crazy chaos, especially since Seven and Farley decided they were bestfriendsomg and wanted to play bitey-face the whole first evening, but after Farley went home we settled right in.

I love Seven so much, it’s like he’s my dog too. He fits right into the household routine and he’s such a snuggler – he spent every night under the covers, curled into a Vizsla-ball against my belly. After he went home I missed his hot-water-bottle-ness.

Speaking of which, when Emma came to pick him up, she brought the two dogs she flew back with her from Mexico so that I could meet them. Seven was all, “Hi Mum! Hi Mum! Hey, there’s other dogs in the car …” and that was about all the greeting she got. When I stopped by her house a few days later, he went completely out of his mind bonkers to see me, knocking me over and trying to climb into my arms. Emma was like, “Um, he wasn’t that excited to see me when I came home after a week!” Yeah. Sorry. I have that effect on dogs. *grin* The good thing about that is that Emma has not a qualm in the world about leaving Seven with me, and will be doing so again when she goes back to Mexico in October for another speuter trip.

As for the two dogs she brought home, one of them is currently curled up next to me on my couch, blissfully asleep with a full belly. Emma said she was caught in the round up on the first day, along with her approximately three month old puppy, and Emma immediately claimed them to come back to Vancouver. Her puppy is being adopted by Emma’s brother, and Lola is fostering with me while she gets accustomed to being house trained and living in a home. She was a street dog before this but you’d never know it to meet her, unless you have food. She is a scrounger of food and has a one track mind where it is concerned. But other than that, she snuggles everyone she meets and she is just absolutely delightful. I need to get some pics and post them!

* trigger warning for bdsm*

I know I have some people on my f-list on LJ who I have become friends with through dog communities and the like. You probably don’t know that I’m kinky, and out and open about it. Guess what? *lol* I’m getting back into the community and will be writing some stuff about it, which I am going to filter because I know that there are people who are bothered by such things. If you want to be filtered out of such posts, please leave me a comment (they are screened). You don’t need to tell me why, obviously. I will say, though, that everything that I take part in inside the kink community is completely consensual, even if it seems awful from an outsider’s point of view.

I had posted a profile on FetLife a few months ago and had really forgotten all about it, until I received a notification from them that I had a message. I started emailing back and forth with this Dom** and eventually we met. And wow. WOW. I was initially looking only for a play partner to ease me back into the swing of things, SM-wise. I was not expecting to meet a Dom who does D/s exactly the way I like it. We have clicked like nobody’s business, and it’s fabulous.

Because of certain reasons that I am not going to post out here on the wide web, we don’t get to see each other very often – usually just once or twice a week, but we keep in touch with email and text messages. It’s the perfect amount of connection for me right now, as I am just starting to get my social feet back under me after being a hermit for a long time. I guess I finally am at the right levels of my anti-anxiety drug!

The other thing that I did was go to a MVK play party on Saturday night. Lisa topped me in a short fun session that was more about the two of us feeling our way through it so that we would know if we want to continue playing together. She hasn’t explored her top side in a long time, and I haven’t played at all in even longer. I certainly had a good time. I also got to watch a very hot scene between her and the sadist who ‘bought’ her in the auction MVK holds once a year as a fundraiser. I was so impressed with his negotiation and the subsequent scene that he and I have opened up a conversation about us playing together at some point in the future. Even though he describes his play as being hit by a bus, and Lisa described it more as being run over by a steamroller, I am looking forward to it.

It feels really good to be back out in the kinky world. I had become such a hermit in order to get my anxiety under control, and thankfully I have wonderful friends who took me at my word when I asked them to not give up on me, that I knew I wasn’t going to be in this place forever, and to please reach out to me, even if I continually cancelled plans for a while. I still have some very good friends in the kink community and it’s so awesome to be able to welcome this part of myself back.

As I posted on Facebook a few days ago, I’m starting to feel a lot less broken.

* Hounds Abounding is the name I have chosen for my dog boarding business, if I ever get it up and running.

** Dom = Dominant; SM = sadomasochist; D/s = Domination/submission; MVK = Metro Vancouver Kink

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