I really need to bust out the camera tomorrow and get some pics of Lola. She played with Maia today! It was almost proper doggy play – Maia was playbowing and tail wagging, and Lola was sort of trying to do bitey-face but she wasn’t really sure if she was playing or not. It was so cute and I need to get a video of it.

I met a guy for coffee yesterday who had messaged me from bondage.com. I hadn’t been on that site for literally years but I clicked in a few weeks ago to check a quote I have on my profile and that bumped my profile up the list in terms of ‘last logged in’. So this guy emailed me and we chatted back and forth and yesterday we went for coffee. He’s new to kink in terms of being out in the scene and admitting that this is what he wants but he says that he has been ‘sneaky kinky’ for ages, in terms of wanting certain things and seeing if he could get those things from vanilla girls. (The answer is no. *lol) He was nice and we had a good conversation, and I invited him to come to the rope bondage workshop on Wednesday that I am going to with Lisa again. I need to see him again to know if I want to explore things with him or not.

I had asked for an extra day off this week because I need some time to just relax – it’s felt like every day off that I have, I’m driving all over the city for one reason or another, and I haven’t had a good chill out day. Of course work called me today to see if I could come in this afternoon. I ignored the message. *shrug* It sucks being shorthanded but one of the reasons I stepped down from managing was so that I did not have to go into work every time someone called in sick. Tomorrow I’m going to pretend that today I left my phone at home all day and went to North Van to visit with my parents. My extra day off is Wednesday and I am looking forward to sleeping in with no alarm, and then getting some stuff done around the house.

I didn’t take the dogs up to the dyke today, so I waited until after 10pm and then took Maia and Bosco around the neighbourhood. I had Maia on her martingale but I brought her Gentle Leader too, just in case. She wanted to react to some loud trucks that went by but I got her focused on treats and I tried something new: targeting while the scary thing was going by. It worked! She had uppy ears and a relaxed mouth, and while she did turn her head to look at the trucks, she focused right back again. Bosco of course was just sitting there, wondering why we were stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to practise targeting but happy to oblige for cookies nonetheless.

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