Update #1: Lola

So Lola, the little Mexican street dog, has found her forever home with me. She wormed her way into my heart, the little demon! She snuggles with me like a cat would, which is lovely since I have missed that kind of snuggling since I gave my cat to my parents’ when he wouldn’t come out of the closet anymore because Maia wouldn’t stop chasing him. I didn’t blame him – she’s scary when she’s in prey drive, especially if you are only a fraction of her size, but I have missed having the kind of comfort that comes from a small snuggly bundle sleeping on top of me. Lola fills that niche.

Once Maia stopped pretending that Lola didn’t exist, they started playing together. Bitey-face between the two of them is so adorable because Maia lies down on the floor or couch so she is the same height as Lola. And half the time Lola squirms around on her back, open mouthed and tail wagging. I haven’t been able to get a good video of it yet because my camera is never close enough to me and as soon as I move, they stop.

I hadn’t planned on keeping Lola but when I took her to meet a family and see how she got on with their dog, I realized that I wanted her to stay. When I told Emma, the one who brought her up from Mexico, that I was going to keep her, Emma started crying. This was at agility class and Emma was snuggling with Lola, and said to me jokingly that I should keep her. I said I was going to and she just stared at me in amazement and then started crying. It was really cute. She was just so happy that she is going to be able to continue to see the little munchkin.

She doesn’t shake the way she did when I first brought her home. She used to shake if she went outside for even a minute, and now it’s only if I make her walk in the rain. Her coat was very coarse and Emma and I both thought that was just what her coat would always be like, but it is really soft now. Her tail is getting some curlies on it, which is adorable. She is starting to get a recall – well, barely. And only because I have the BEST food in my pocket lol. But she’ll still turn and eventually come running when I call. I don’t make her drag a leash anymore out on the dykes because I don’t need the drag line. She loves to sleep on my pillow if she can get away with it, or right up next to the pillow beside me.

The pack is now complete. (Although only because I’m not allowed to have more than three dogs licensed to me in Maple Ridge.)

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