Update #3: The Body Mod

One of my hard limits was no scarification, no cuttings, and no brands. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings and I had no desire to carry anyone’s mark on me for the rest of my life. M has had huge success getting inside my brain and making it his playground, and he managed to change my mind about brands and cuttings within the space of a single conversation, mostly by making me realize that I get to choose the design and it’s like body art. Plus electrical brands and cuttings don’t tend to be permanent and since I have skin that heals incredibly quickly and is intensely hard to mark in the first place, anything that gets done to me is even less likely to be permanent.

I seem to be in a place right now where I want to experience everything at least once so I said yes to an electrical brand. I chose to have a hibiscus flower in the middle of my shoulder blades, and one of the girls from work drew it on for me so all M had to do was follow the lines. I think it turned out really well:

It has already faded a lot – this was taken the following day when it was still really red. It’s more a pink now, and will continue to fade to white lines eventually and then nothing. But I really like it and may end up wanting to have it permanently.

And because the first question that everyone always asks is ‘Did it hurt?’ I’ll just answer that by saying no. *lol* I do have a very high tolerance for pain and I am what’s known as a heavy bottom because a top can play very heavily with me – I can take a LOT of sensation and pain before it becomes too much for me to process. But this was more like a stingy buzzy feeling and it was very quick – only a couple of minutes. The only thing that made it more difficult was that I breathe deeply in order to process pain and that was making my back rise and fall so M made me hold my breath when he went over it the second time. But still, really not a big deal.

Electrical brands are pretty cool to do. It’s done with a contraption called a violet wand that is used for electrical play. When doing the brand I held onto this piece that basically electrified my body. I didn’t feel any different although when I accidentally bumped my elbow into the ex-pen I got one hell of a shock! M held a small tool that has a metal point to it and when that got close enough to the skin, the electricity jumped from my body to the tool. Hold the tool there long enough (as in, half a second) and it burns the skin, creating the brand.

I also got my ears pierced today. I had tried when I was about 10 but I have a metal allergy and had to remove the studs, and it never occurred to me that there was anything else that could be used. M pointed out to me that there are wood and bone earrings and that it’s probably quite possible to get pierced with something that wouldn’t cause an allergic reaction, and I know he likes earrings on girls which did play a partial role in my deciding to get it done but it’s also something that I have always wished I could have. I got in touch with a well known piercer who is also active in the kink community and who conveniently has a shop really close to me, and he told me that we can pierce with plastic so today I went in and had it done. It didn’t hurt at all, and I now have earrings made up of a plastic shaft and titanium balls. They haven’t hurt at all today – in fact, I have forgotten that they are even there! So I think it’s safe to say that I am not going to have a reaction to them. Yay! Now I have to wait until they heal a bit and then I want to stretch them out because the earrings that I found that I want to wear on a daily basis (made of dark wood and they are spirals – so cool!) are a 6 gauge and right now my studs are only 16. If I had done any research ahead of time I would have asked to be pierced with a lower gauge right from the get-go but that’s ok. I’m sure that with my pain tolerance and quick healing abilities I’ll be able to stretch quite quickly.

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