I’m not dead yet

Quick recap:

Lola ended up getting adopted into another family because just after I decided to keep her, Maia decided that she wanted her dead. She started staring at Lola and stalking her, and pinning her down and making her scream if I didn’t intervene in time. I did the ‘crate and rotate’ thing for three days until I realized that this was not a problem I was willing to invest time into when clearly Lola was miserable and Maia was completely stressed. The family that Lola went to lives only about five minutes from me. They have another dog already that they wanted a companion for, and apparently they totally get along and hang out together all the time. They have two little girls who are head over heels in love with Lola, and the parents are very dog-savvy. I’ve been to visit her once since she went to live with them, and the girls had drawn me a picture of Lola to put on my fridge. I’m not into kids but holy frick was that adorable.

I’m still seeing the trucker and things are going well with that. I wish that he was in town more but c’est la vie.

I finally, after almost 13 years, quit my job with Starbucks. (That’s the first time I have ever written their name on my blog.) I’m going to work for the local transit company, starting in their call centre but hopefully getting my foot in the door to move into another position after my probation period is over. I took two weeks off in between my last day at Starbucks and my first day at the new job, and I am half way through that time. It’s been really nice to just relax for a few days, although I have also been getting things done around the house that I had put off.

I’ve been looking after my friend’s dog, Justice, since last Monday and while she is a great little dog most of the time, she is noise reactive. And she makes Maia noise reactive. I have spent more time this past week with barking dogs than I have the past month. I keep threatening both of them that I will debark them with a rusty spoon but so far no one seems to be taking this threat seriously. Justice goes home tomorrow and hopefully Maia will relax after that. We need to get out and do some counter-conditioning recapping – she’s getting really bad at going ballistic when she sees another dog/a cyclist/a person in the world and while she does somewhat remember the ‘look at that’ game, I need to put some more time in to her, to keep her stress level down at a manageable level.

I leave you with a very badly shot but hilarious video of Bosco playing with my exercise ball. This dog has come so far from the dog I brought home from the shelter, and it makes me so happy to see him bloom.

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