I've signed up to do another Sniffinar (yes, that is what my friend Dana has named them!). Bosco and I did level 1 a few weeks ago and it is a lot of fun! We have a good collection of cardboard boxes now to practice. I have chicken hot dogs defrosting so we can do more work on it today. If I can get Maia up to a confident level with the game then I might bring her to level 2. Otherwise, Bosco Brown and I will team up again. Level 2 is working outside, and searching the outside of vehicles.

The place I took Maia for aqua therapy is having a fun hour of learning to dock dive on Sunday for $20. I was going to go but then I started to feel anxious about being there by myself, and what if Maia got reactive, and what if this and what if that. Which is silly but that's social anxiety for you. I went for a dog walk with a friend, Angela, yesterday, and she said that she wants to do dock diving with her Cattle Dog but can't this weekend so! The end result is that we are going to go together the next time it's offered. I think Maia will have a total blast doing it because she already launches herself into the water after her ball. I thought I had a video on Dropbox but I can't find it :(.

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