I met Lisa for brunch today and gave her the blanket I knitted for her. My usual rule of thumb is if someone wants to buy me the yarn, I will knit them something. I forgot to get a picture so I’ll have to ask her to send me one.

Jen messaged me to let me know that randomly we could go herding tonight at 7 but there’s only time for one of my dogs. I’ve decided to take Maia because next week I am taking Bosco and Dodge into the city to go for a walk with Kel, Aiko (Maia’s sister), and Khai. It will be too busy for me to feel comfortable with Maia so this can be her treat instead.

I played two rounds of ‘boxes’ – what I call nosework at home – with each of the dogs because they are not going for a walk. In between I cleaned my car. It worked really well: 20 minutes of cleaning, 10 minutes of boxes with each dog getting three searches. It seems to have tired Maia and Bosco somewhat but Dodge is still bouncing.

I’m going to bring him tonight to herding because Shelly, the woman who we do this with, is a breeder of shepherds (absolutely gorgeous shepherds) and Jen suggested she may know people looking to adopt.

Now I am going to knit and watch tv for an hour, and then I am going to do my least favourite chore ever: picking up poo 🙁

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