The Fridge

My fridge had turned into a scary place this past week, where food went to rot and die. It was to the point where I wouldn’t eat when I felt hungry because it meant opening the door. It was bad.

I got home from Father’s Day dinner at my parents’ house and decided enough was enough! Tomorrow is garbage day! I threw out everything, pulled out every drawer and shelf and washed them down, and now my fridge looks and smells clean.

It scared me for a week and took me 25 minutes to fix. Why do I do this to myself??

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Adventures with water

I went down to see Boss this past week. I had to take two unpaid days off work to do so, and I’m a bit worried to see how the paycheque will be. I want to get a proper full time regular position so. bad. Paid vacation time! I don’t remember what that’s like.

I left after work on Monday – through the border by 5 and reached Eugene by about 11:45. I love driving through the evening. Less traffic means less idiots in the fast line and more open road for me to go zoom. Fast highway driving makes me happy 😀

I used the bathroom when I got there. This is relevant, I promise. I went upstairs, we had amazing sex, lay around and joked and laughed and cuddled for a while, and then Boss went downstairs for something. He called up to me, “Sweetie, come downstairs. And wear your shoes.”

Weird… As I came down the stairs I heard him sloshing around. Also weird…

As it turns out, I left the tap running in the bathroom, and there was a washcloth in there that slid down and covered the drain, and we were upstairs for hour and a half before he went down and discovered the flood. Thankfully his warehouse has concrete floors and it is a disaster zone anyway so it’s not like anything got ruined, but there we were at 1:30 in the morning mopping up gallons of water. Not exactly the way I wanted to start my visit, and so not indicative of who I am! I’m not careless or idiotic or … well, whatever! I’m pretty much the opposite most of the time, except when I’m around him *sigh*. What was interesting though, was that even though I know he doesn’t have a temper, I kept waiting for him to snap. I kept waiting for him to yell at me and make me feel worse (because obviously I already felt bad!). But he didn’t. That’s not the way he deals with things. He is always very calm and just gets on with what needs to be done. I’m quite sure that that is one of the reasons I have allowed myself to love him. Tempers scare me. Unpredictable people scare me. He is the opposite.

After we had the mess as much cleaned up as we could and we were going back to bed, what he did do was start to tease me about it. He reminded me that going up the stairs meant first the left foot and then the right. When we were going to sleep he reminded me to breathe in and then breathe out. I’ll never live this down but I don’t mind because it’s not malicious and it’s not meant to make me feel stupid – it’s become another one of our private jokes. I think that this is what intimacy feels like?

Boss threatened to not let me sleep in but he didn’t come wake me until after 9. When I came downstairs he had already cleaned up most of the remaining mess. I spent about half an hour with the shop-vac getting the last of the puddles and then we let the heat get the rest of it. It was in the high 20s that day (mid 80s for the Americans) so luckily anything left just evaporated.

We talked a bit on this trip about some stuff that happened back in the first 6 months of our relationship that nearly ended it. I had spent the last few weeks wallowing in those memories and feeling sorry for myself, but he said something that reframed everything. He asked me if I like where we are now, and I said yes. He said that it’s no use wishing that this thing or that thing hadn’t happened or had happened differently, because that might have meant that we didn’t end up where we are now. Everything that has happened between us has led us to where we are now.

And I like where we are now. I feel happy in my relationship, and that is something that is still taking me by surprise.

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Weekly UFYH Challenge

This week, we’re going to be clearing off one surface a day. Each day, pick a counter, table, shelf, or other surface that tends to accumulate stuff and clear it off. You can do a different surface each day, or focus on really dealing with one or two.

Find those flat surfaces where crap accumulates and reset them to clean.


This is hard because I know I have invisible corners but I don’t want to deal with them. However, it’s 20 minutes a day. I can do that, right?

Update on last week’s challenge of not creating a floordrobe: I didn’t leave clothes on the floor but I still piled them up on the clothes fairer so not really success! I’m going to keep trying at this one – to put my clothes where they belong.

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All the merleys ever!!

Four of the five dogs currently inhabiting my house and my bed! Clockwise from the top left: Cooper the spaniel, Aiko, Maia, and Khai.

2014-04-29 21.34.36

Aiko is so damn beautiful it hurts.
2014-04-28 17.31.36-4

Am I right or am I right?
2014-04-26 10.50.00

Bosco yells at me, "MUMMY! I HAZ A BELLEH!" which means he wants it to be rubbed.

2014-04-26 10.45.30

Khai playing tug-frisbee in the park with Hailey.
2014-04-26 10.40.22

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Weekly Challenge from UFYH

Everything that comes into your home this week gets immediately put away. Groceries, mail, shopping bags, whatever. No lingering on counters or doorknobs. The contents get put away and any bags get stashed wherever they belong. Trash and recycling go to the appropriate containers. Any mail that needs to get shredded or recycled gets done on the spot.

Remember, “put it away, goddammit” is going to help prevent more than half of your mess, at least. Whether it’s laundry, dishes, or the inexplicably always $80+ worth of stuff you got at Target, it needs to get put away before you do anything else, including sit down or get on the internet.


I’m fairly good at this when it comes to mail and groceries and such, but I am terrible about putting my clothes somewhere other than the floor at the end of the day. That’s my challenge this week – clothes get put in the laundry basket or hung up again. They do NOT create a floordrobe.

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Chaos in 3 … 2 … 1!

Khai and Aiko are getting dropped off to me at my work when I'm done today.

Dodge/Quinn (I'm having a hard time switching my brain over to his new name) is going to his forever home tomorrow evening.

Saturday I get Cooper, the snuggly Cocker Spaniel X, while his mum is in Belize for two weeks.

It's going to be chaos at Hounds Abounding. Expect photos!!

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All the noises!

Quinn makes the most ridiculous noises ever:

And Maia screams like a banshee for her Auntie Jen:

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Protected: One step forward, two steps back

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Protected: New job

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Hope Is A 4-Letter Word

I got the job I interviewed for – yay!

A woman in my department is going to grieve my appointment as she is senior and also applied – boo! (But also totally valid.)

Apparently she made a mistake on her resume that caused her application to be rejected; therefore maybe no grievance possible – yay!

This position is a temporary full time one for a year. It’s 8-4 with weekends off. I don’t know about this yet. I’ve always worked shift work with days off during the week and I like that. Weekends are busy and crowded. But having a set schedule will be pretty awesome.

I always go visit Boss during the week because he is gone 35-40 weekends of the year, and usually spends his at-home ones with Tiffany (his primary relationship). Not having days off during the week is going to make seeing him almost impossible. This is a giant fucking BOO.

(I just came back from a two night trip to see him. We said ‘I love you’ for the first time. He bought me a pay as you go US phone that he will pay for when I go visit. That more than anything made me feel loved and special and taken care of. I will NOT let this relationship fade because of a job. Not when we are two years in [my longest relationship ever] and it has been a bumpy road to get here.)

I start in the new position on Monday and I’m really looking forward to learning new things, meeting new people, and creating new contacts in the company. But now a huge piece of me is actually hoping that the grievance goes through so that I can go back to Customer Info where my weekday days off mean easy trips to Oregon.

Why can’t it ever be simple??


In other news, Dodge has an adopter! Tracey has had rottie shepherd crosses before and she is head over heels in love with him. She can’t take him until the end of April but Bev and I did the home check last weekend and she’s taking him for a sleepover this Saturday night. She’s totally understanding about how much I love him and that I will want to stay in contact.


Today is the first day since Dodge and Beau plowed into my knee that I’m not limping. Hopefully this means it was just a small meniscus tear. Fingers crossed.

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